Crash, Boom, Silverfast: My First Application Crash in Apple OS X Lion

It had to happen; I only wish it had happened with a software company that was likely to fix the problem before the next high cost upgrade. Alas, my transition to Lion has crashed my Silverfast AI scanning software, and I really do not see an easy fix. Certainly, there is a $150 upgrade to Silverfast 8, but it crashes my system, too. My initial reaction is to just buy the new upgrade and hope the real thing works better than the demo…not a smart idea, I think. My only option for the moment is to revert to Epson Scan (which sucks donkeys) until I hear back from Silverfast about why it might be crashing. Vuescan, their competitor is offering an odd upgrade option, but I am not really loving Hamrick’s demo either. I will keep the world updated, but recent such problems with ProTools, Adobe and Silverfast make me worry that big software manufacturers might be in big trouble due to the economy and the fact that their software hit its performance apex three years ago, so we do not need to upgrade every six months. Few Apps cost $150 in the App store, right?

In the meantime, my sleep rating has finally become normal after two months. For the first time ever I am out of the 50s and hit 95 last night for my Zeo reading. For two nights in a row I have been in the 90s and my body seems to have adapted to sleeping longer – 9 hours in lieu of five. Sure, I wake up 11 times, but I am at least sleeping and what a difference it makes in my cognition. I feel a little more like myself already. Now I just need to find a way to sleep 9 hours a night in an every more crazy world.

Hmmm, Kodak…things are not looking good for the photography giant, and that worries me. As I mentioned in a previous blog, they were good enough to send me a few rolls of their latest emulsion (Kodak Portra) for me to begin lens testing with for my website. I only hope that I can get out to take the photographs before they disappear in a corporate chop-shop. Regardless, I still prefer their brand to the others and I really hope they can salvage their company by shifting towards what they do best.

I took the Linhof Color 45S 4×5 camera out for its first sheet film expedition. It was a minor disaster, but it was a fantastic learning experience. My main issue was that the Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm f.8 lens would not focus to infinity, which was the type of photograph I was aiming for with the school. I took four photographs despite the fact that they will be blurry, because all learning demands minor failures. The answer? I needed to move the center mount post so that both standards were on the same side of it, thereby allowing for the bellows to compress closely and provide infinity focus. Eureka. I will pick up the four negatives and film holders on Tuesday and start again. I have to admit that attempting to load 4×5 film into the holders in complete darkness was sort of mystical. Rage on MacDuff!

Finally, I worked with a new pie crust recipe from Donna Hay last night. It was a hot water pastry crust that uses boiling water and butter, but no eggs. Like the Lion upgrade, I was taking our dinner into my own hands by trying a new crust. Crust doughs are critical to whatever you are putting into them and I thought that for my first chicken pot pie I would try an Old World crust recipe. The results were delectable and old world, and this must have been the easiest crust I have made yet. Yes, I could have made a prettier job of the top, but I was in a hurry and dinner needed to make it into a warm over.



3 responses to “Crash, Boom, Silverfast: My First Application Crash in Apple OS X Lion

  1. Get your contact info on your site my friend!

  2. I have a similar issue and found this today to fix the OS Silverfast problems
    Hope it works for you!
    Laura Boston Thek

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