A Moveable Feast: Silverfast 8 Disappoints

V. and I watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, and I was howling at the way Hemingway was portrayed by Corey Stoll. In Grade 7, we study Hemingway’s brilliant novel, Old Man and the Sea, and over the past few years I have learned more and more about the legendary persona of Hemingway. The caricature is a striking encapsulation of what he must have appeared like as he attempted to become a famous writer: a buffoon who grew up in Oak Park in relative comfort, but who slummed it in Paris to earn his street cred. Unlike many of the people I went to school with at McGill, Hemingway’s feigned bohemianism does result in him learning his art – even if he must fight, drink and sleep his way into his prime manhood. Indeed, the more pseudo-intellectuals I meet who tell me that I should “read Nietzsche to understand Thoreau”, the more I realize that Hemingway had it right when he hated intellectuals who were weak in the way they lived without truth in their lives.

Silverfast 8 for Lion has been a total disaster, and I must admit that I am gravely disappointed in the lack of support from the company. I did receive a single response suggested that I unhook everything and hope for the best. Wow. Brilliant. In fact, this is their “standard” response email as many others have reported the same note online. Where does that leave me?

Fortunately, I found my cd containing Silverfast 6.6, and was able to install it on my Snow Leopard-running laptop. While it is not an ideal situation, this will allow me to scan for the next six months without needing to purchase the awful Version 8. Yes, the interface looks prettier, but that is of no use to me if the software crashes every 5 minutes. Get it together Silverfast…certainly do not charge $189 for the upgrade download of what is a Beta version at best.

Finally, I spent $25 for a month of Lynda.com use. While I would have preferred to save the money for a rainy day, Lynda has just uploaded a wide series of ProTools 10, Reason 6, 8×10 Film Photography and Food Photography videos that made $25 ridiculously cheap. I would not want a year long subscription Lynda or Kelby Training, but in a small dosage [when I have the time to watch online videos] it is a superb way to learn for a photographer/audio recorder.

It has been a week of pasta dishes here in Toronto. First, we made a brilliant seafood pasta in a cream sauce on Friday night based on littleneck clams and mussels. By using artisanal pasta cooked al dente, the dish came together into a harmonious blending of garlic, butter, cream and the ocean. On Sunday, it was a red sauce based on canned San Marzano tomatoes. Yes, at $4.59 a can these are not cheap, but matched with frozen mixed seafood the canned fruit made for a rich sauce to coat the sagnarelli bronze cut pasta from Italy. Bella!


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