IPad Replacement and A Beautiful Day Day

The man sitting next to me is a pirate. While I wait for the iCloud to magically restore my mom’s IPad, I drink a milky latte and sit next to a man wearing a skull eye patch as he writes on his Blackberry. It is a funny old world I live in.
My mom’s laptop strangely found itself with a crack in the corner of its screen; a job for Batman on his March Break. Off I went with my Apple Genius appointment and the couriered machine. Let me assert that Apple has always been an ideal company to deal with. Within 10 minutes I was out the door with a free replacement and a smile, which is why I only buy Apple and insist my family does, too. Now I just need to restore the settings while I think about the rest of my universe.

Last night I ended up at a church to listen to Jodi Picoult talk about her new novel, Lone Wolf. I have never read any of her novels, but after hearing her speak…I will stick with Charles Dickens and Leonard Cohen. I realize that I do not fit into her demographic – moms and daughters on the slightly chubby side – and that is cool. She spoke well and did provide a fascinating reflection on wolf behaviour. Still, I did reflect on whether I should start writing my own novel given the quality of what is selling these days.

The IPad is loaded, so time for me to brave the sunshine again. I need to load all of the 4×5 film holders tonight for the Thunder Bay adventure and to rent a car so that we can find landscapes worthy of $9 photographs. If you are interested in the process, then tune in as I will try to update from the road next week.



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