Thunder Bay: Burgers and Silos

I am not sold on the confection burger. I had read many blog comments on the Coney Island style burgers at McKellar’s in Thunder Bay, but it was not my thing. If you love the confection-style burgers of White Castle, then these are far superior, but not my thing. I do have to admit that the family who runs this cute snack bar is lovely, and the synthetic strawberry milkshake for $4.35 was top notch.

Sadly, our snack bar of choice, The Thunder Bay Restaurant, is closed until mid April. Still, looked very cool and had a fabulous vintage decor. My afternoon was spent scoping sites to try the Linhof with V. tomorrow. Lots of industrial Canadiana and tonnes of broken down sites. Next time when I take photos with the Hasselblad SWC I need to remember to check the lens cap…50% of my photos were with the lens cap on. Game on, Thunder Bay.




2 responses to “Thunder Bay: Burgers and Silos

  1. This picture is not of McKellar Confectionary..; it is of the other burger\slider confectionary across town. Try the one on Arthur Street. You may like them better. I ‘must’ have one each time I go to Thunder Bay. Timeless tradition each time I go back to my hometown.

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