Thunder Bay Rain: The Persian Doughnut

Thunder Bay - The Persian Man

The Persian is an iconic Thunder Bay confection with icing and doughy goodness; V. and Elissa insisted that we try some on our way home. Like most other “classic” Thunder Bay food items, this one can only be found in a strip mall. Not exactly a boutique bakery that one might find selling cupcakes in Toronto or Chicago, but the authenticity makes for an interesting experience.


V. has work to do, and it is raining this afternoon. Therefore, I am where any self-respecting photographer would be: Starbucks. Yes, I have also gone to the Bean Fiend, and will hit Calico tomorrow, but the rainy fog made me nostalgic for the Pacific Northwest corporate construct. With an old fashioned glazed cake doughnut, my standard hands latte was just what the doctor ordered.

So which doughnut experience was the best? The Persian totally wins out with a 1950s donut style – heavy, yeasty dough flecked with cinnamon, and an icing with a synthetic strawberry frosting. I would not want to eat more than one of these a month, but it was my first worthwhile foodie experience in Thunder Bay thus far.


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