Hunger Games: Country Mouse, City Mouse and the Disenfranchised

The politics of The Hunger Games has taken over the water cooler conversations for better or worse. As an educator, I know that Collins’ novel series has been on fire for a few years now, and has taken over the void left by Potter, Dark Materials et al., and it has also served as a progression from the CHERUB series. To deny the currency of young adult fiction would be foolish. However, to ignore the fact that these are also the main literatures of the new generation of digital natives, the disenfranchised 20-30 somethings, would be politically irresponsible. The Occupy Movement are reading these novels, and like the District and Capitol citizens (and all of our previous civilizations in the real world) their focus is on the “bread and circuses” provided to us by our governments and media outlets. As I write, I am listening to Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” and wonder if any of it matters? Are we not all agents of our own ignorance in order to alleviate the daily grinding down of ourselves?

Unfortunately my Rogers Internet has been down now for the past 3 days, so I have had to rely on my iPhone for connectivity. Unless that changes, I will be needing to switch providers on the weekend. On the flipside I was able to pick up my 4×5 negatives last night. All I can say is “wow”.
Unlike my digital files or even my other negatives the 4×5 has a great amount of dynamic range: it is like having a HDR file with only one exposure. The Thunder Bay series should be up in the next few hours – 3 factory photographs on the northern industrial wasteland as I see it. I hope to scan V.’s perspectives on the same scenes, which use a landscape orientation and different shifts to express her vision. All very cool. If I could just get my Internet up and survive 31 interviews in the next 8 hours. I can get behind anything is today’s mantra.


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