We Must Mean, If Not Matter: Film Passes Us By

Our lives become meaningless and base, if we do not stand by a set of moral values that we set as the boundaries for what acceptable from a world constantly attempting to disrupt our lives. In my life, I try to be the best man that I can. I will make a stand for perseverance, creativity, dignity, wisdom and hope. I believe that my photography is my true profession, and that teaching is my strongest skill. I understand that the path to evolution is a difficult one, but that its road is better than stagnation. I know that the loss of friends, wealth, love, beauty and status is inevitable, and that, in the end, few of us are ever so lucky to die with loved ones around us. We live as we dream.

The school year is almost over, and I live my life by measuring out each year in relation to the school format. The measuring stick makes sense when one considers that I have “been in school” for 33 years. Unlike any other year, I feel like I do not know where I stand in the short term, even if I have a clear concept of who I am as an individual. Perhaps I secretly wish for a path that would prove easier to trod, but like Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita, I must follow the path before me to its very end. I was not put upon this earth to “hoard, and feed, and sleep, and know not me.”

Tonight should be a yoga class, but I will have to lure myself into believing that I will feel calmer and serene by lying in obscure poses in sweltering heat. A little sweat never hurt anyone, and the stretch of my body might well aid in the stretching of my mind at this time of growing pains. Like the Hasselblad squares shot on film in Roma, Berlin, and Morocco, my old-school style might just be what the modern hipsta world needs.


One response to “We Must Mean, If Not Matter: Film Passes Us By

  1. A classic street photography. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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