The Philosophy of Work: One Hundred and Eight Countries


Base Camp X

I need therapy. In fact, all human beings need activities and occupations that provide them a way to work out life’s daily problems. Many people choose vices such as drink, drugs, sex and gambling as ways to numb the onslaught of negative feelings, but those methods seldom lead down a path of relief. For my own part, I have chosen three activities to act as therapeutic salves for my soul: photography, travel, writing, and my riding my motorcycle.  Each activity forces me to return to the moment. Each activity takes me to places and moments that matter in a large scale. Each activity keeps me sane when the rest of the world is mad; and believe me, the rest of the world is.

Tonight, I needed to find a bit of personal focus. Too many things going on, too many things being said, and too little making sense inside my big brain. Solution: work with the four axes Graeme Cameron from Base Camp X dropped off for simple white background shots. Obviously, the image featured is not on a white background, but that is the point – I just want to shoot photographs for personal satisfaction and forget about delivering products by deadlines. BCX might like the above image, but they might never use it either, which is totally fine because it is photography for its own sake. I chose to shoot the gorgeous Bi-Turbo Titanis against a navy wool blanket with a second olive wool blanket rolled up in the background. The head on this axe is massive, and I think my table is a little worse for wear. Over the rest of the week I hope to take a tonne more extra shots for myself and Graeme, before I tackle the white backgrounds, which will be tricky due to the size of the objects and the need to shoot overhead from a ladder.

Base Camp X

On the travel front, I have booked hotels in San Francisco, Napa Valley and Portland for the next few weeks. I just need to get away, but the first series of trips are more of a decompression from a tough school year than real travel. If you are not a teacher, then this will not make sense, but trust me…we need that time off to become humans again. Ideally, I would like to take another week just for me a few weeks after Portland. Time to remember who I am and who I want to be. At the moment, it looks like my only two options are to either take my Ducati and ride without a destination, or to fly to Lisbon for a week to just hang out in Europe.

On the motorcycle front… I have my M2 Exit Course this weekend. Stressful. I have been avoiding the test, because I hate testing that if failed have a significant consequence. I would hate to lose my license – no license, no ride, no motorcycle, no sanity. When it is over I will have reached a significant accomplishment, and the full license is a goal that meant a whole lot to me when I bought my Ducati in 2009.

Finally, on the writing front I noticed that this WordPress blog has been viewed by people in 108 countries worldwide. Imagine. Three years ago I would never have imagined that by now over 42,000 views of my 290 entries from 108 countries would ever be a possibility. My work keeps me real, and invested in the world, which makes it far more valuable than money or fame. Frankly, just being able to carry around a few beautiful axes like the one I was photographing tonight seems like a pretty sweet reality. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would have to say about that?



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