Have Axe, Want to Travel: Working with Product Photography

Base Camp X

It never fails…when I am busy, the work increases tenfold. I have been working like a madman to end the school year by marking exams and reviewing student performance. I have also been tinkering with the four axes left to my care while Graeme from Base Camp X travels in the North, and Paderno is sending along a few dozen products to be shot over the weekend. V. is in Quebec City shooting a conference with my main lens, so that leaves me to experiment with the 17-40mm that I never use, and the 50mm for white background shots.

In my few free moments I have also been booking hotels and flights to Barcelona in July. While I was there last year, post-Morocco, Barcelona felt like a place that I would do well to return to, if only to rest and bask in the sun for a few days. Plus, there was a super-wicked pair of snakeskin boots that would round out my boot collection if I could find the extra cash. During the past week I have been reflecting on why I do the things that I do, is there a bigger plan for me, its there any plan at all, or do I merely react to random events in an attempt to be incrementally cooler than I was in High School? ¬†Nothing that a week in San Francisco and Napa Valley cannot put into perspective…

Base Camp X

The Titanis and Pathfinder axes are interesting from a photographic point of view, as I need to find the correct balance between reflection and shadow while still matching the colours of the stains correctly. Additionally, these are larger products than my studio is optimized for, so there will be ladders and multiple lights for the white shots on the weekend. With these two experimental images I am still trying to create an epic look; one that communicates what these axes feel like, and what they could accomplish in a prospective owner’s hands.

The Titanis axe head is epic in a super-hero way, especially against the other two heads in the second image. The other heads are not small, but compared to the wide-sweeping curve of the Titanis’ blade, they seem puny. Sadly, I have yet to try swinging any of these beauties – not much space in the studio to do any log splitting. If only the zombie apocalypse would start…



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