Getting the Axe: Spending Time With Products

Moral lesson: expect to cut things when playing with large, sharp objects. Cut my arm and a leather chair while moving a few axes around to get the last bit of light tonight. Using the Linhof 4×5 with the adapter is really my ideal way of shooting things these days. I simply like the look it gives. For these three shots I went with the Canon 50mm f.1.2 lens first and then the final shot featured is with the Linhof. All of them feature a megaton of bokeh and soft colours; more emotional photographs than product photography.

These photographs are meant to focus on the branding, literally, rather than the details of the handles. Against my weathered wood table I like the colours that get pulled out, and the way that the blades are the prominent feature in the framing. If you have ever had four large axes in your living room, then you will understand how difficult it can be to live with so many objects, but I do feel like the more time I spend with these axes, the better I understand the brand, the product and how they can be portrayed. Using a Phase One IQ180 with its brilliant resolution would kill the feel here, and it takes time to understand.

I decided to shave off my beard. Nothing more to say about that: sad. Booked hotels in Vancouver and Barcelona today, and they are all stellar for a great price. Just need to finish marking and then get on with the rest of my life. Push through, push on.



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