Bam-Bam-BAM: Bamboo Products Before Freedom

Speeches are over. Classes are done. All items marked. Reports completed. I now have my freedom to live again. To celebrate it was all I could do to drag my sorry body home to rest, but I did stop in to my favourite local sushi restaurant to pig out on eel and sashimi. Generally, I do my best to enjoy food, but in sensible portions, but today it all went out the window as I simply wanted gluttony to take over. I wanted to eat my fill of what my body craved, and today was bbq eel (unagi), shrimp tempura, sashimi and a Godzilla Roll. The servers at Sushi Garden always remember me, and they were shocked to see me in a suit for lunch as I normally come in on my motorcycle after 5pm.

Finishing up the files from the latest Paderno session.  While it is not the same as shooting axes for BCX, I also enjoy working with a shipment of often random items that each require special treatments to make them work. The bamboo items were shot in the studio before, but without their packaging. It was much more difficult to shoot them in packages, but once I figured out the best procedure for lights I was good to go.

With my a few  gift cards I was able to pick up a leather duffel bag for this summer’s travels, as I will not be able to check bags in most cases. I also grabbed the new Batman and the Court of the Owls comic book, a guide to Napa Valley and a meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer. I am really looking forward to learning how to make burgers this summer, and it will make sure that less goes to waste when I purchase a large cut of beef on sale. Tomorrow is a motorcycle ride to Hamilton to see V. before she leaves for San Francisco. I am glad to be free. Never underestimate what time is worth.


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