Wood and Water: Grilling a Cedar-Planked Salmon

I seldom use a grill for cooking, but being home in the summer gave me the idea to attempt grilling a large piece of Atlantic salmon on a cedar plank. For about $13 I was able to buy a large piece of fish and the plank from a local grocer. While I did not have the 4 hours recommended to soak the board, after an hour the plank had absorbed enough water to play with fire. The first thing that I noticed about the process was how aromatic and vibrant the wood made the fish become though it was on a gas grill; imagine a Swedish sauna full of fish…

For anyone who has not tried the method I would suggest two things: one, soak the board for the full 4 hours or it will char and be unusable a second time, and two, buy thick filet like I did to truly savour the smokey outside against the buttery, rich interior.

On other paths, I will finish shooting Courtney Hogan’s video for her fiddle version of Viva la Vida tonight. Should be a good time; you never know what magic will happen when the band hits the stage.




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