Barcelona Days: Beaches, Razor Clams and Snakeskin Boots


Day two of Barcelona found me with insomnia that ended with me sleeping until 1pm. Ouch, but good at the same time. I began the day with a walk to La Rambla, Barcelona’s major pedway. It was a nice walk down along the central avenue until I hit the touristas near La Boqueria; why must people just stand stupidly with no purpose. The visit left me wishing that I was in the Madrid market that V. and I enjoyed last summer. Sorry, but La Boqueria is mostly a weird tourist show and not a market where I would ever actually shop. Yes, the food quality is good, but the major thrust of business is for the localized tapas restaurants who charge over the top prices for what the naive believe to be market produce. After seeing what most tourists were served I made a run for Escriba.


Essentially a custard turnover, the rich, buttery pastry was worth the wait. While there were still a few heavier. Chocolate desserts left, I opted for an almost French chausson. The flaky pastry kep me going for another few blocks, and then I fell upon an Enrique Tomas shop that was selling Bocadillo pre-wrapped. While I went for the 5.90 Euro sandwich, I was only charged 3 euros. The rich texture of the bread, the salty, feral ham and a dredging of olive oil were sublime. I had water enough to last through my takeaway from a quick stop at a market for a plum and a large water.


Next, I found myself at Barconleta, Barcelona’s major beach area. Given my desire to get as much sun as I can on this trip, I chose to spend an hour among the nude bathers, Aussie teenagers with no brains, and countless hawkers. It was a scene. Not my scene, but a scene nonetheless. Personally, I enjoyed the sun, but would have preferred to come without my camera and wallet so that I could go swimming.


The Mingus Bar made me miss home. The dogs would die from the heat here, though the thrill of so many other dogs would make them eager to go out.


While I do have further restaurant photos, I thought it best to end this entry with a capture of my new pair of La Sendra python boots. Yes, they are stupid. Yes, they are handmade in Spain. Yes, I absolutely love them. I should preface this purchase with the info that last August when V. and I came here I wanted these boots so badly, but walked away to think about them until the next day…which was Sunday. No boots for me.
I went twice to see them and decided, along with an entire Norwegian family, that they were super cool and had to be bought at any price. Done. Who is a rockstar now?
Tomorrow has me catching a train to Valencia for the next two nights before I return to Barcelona for two more nights. Tune in for more insanity as the week passes!


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