Ferran And Those Razor Clams

Razor clams are straight out of the first poem I ever had published. A metaphor for a whirlwind love affair, they represented the dangers that can lie beneath the sand. After the Barceloneta beach, I decided that there would never be a better time to try the actual shellfish, so when I saw they were on the Ferran menu I just had to order them. First came the four tapas that I chose as appetizers from the bar: cod, salmon, chicken croquette and ham croquette.
My advice is to accept a 50-50 ratio for your tapas at any given restaurant. Some will do fish best; other meats. Ferran did the fish best, so I had a decent meal for 37 Euros with a bottle of house cava.


V. and I had better luck last time in the Eixample area, but for being in the Bari Gothic I thought that I did fair enough. The salmon and cod were clean and made sense as tapas; the croquette were too processed to meet my expectations, sadly. The cava helped for 15 euros, and the meal would have been sad without it.

I would have possibly have done better by returning to Pura Brasa, but the clams were too much of a lure. The smells of garlic butter whet my appetite, but after the first three clams, I decided to only eat the meaty sections – the clam organs were too gritty and strong. Overall, it was a nice meal to close a relaxing day. I could have done better but it would have cost me more than I wanted to spend. Valencia calls tomorrow…



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