Captain Nemo Calling: Valencia’s Aquarium


I am a fisher of men…okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but a nice segue from the previous blog entry. My day’s walk in Valencia brought me to the city of the future, a gorgeous series of thematic buildings on Valencia’s marshlands bordering the sea. The lines of these buildings are what brought me and millions of other tourists here in recent years. The city feels Platonic; though time and Spanish economics are not being kind to the area.


I went to the aquarium on a whim. I usually hate to see creatures penned up, but all reports indicated that this was an exceptional area. I had a few hours to kill before I wanted to reach the beach, so I decided to cough up the 25 euros for a visit. Money well spent. From the first swarms of tropical fish and rays I was hooked. It made me want to get my scuba certification and travel with the school to Cuba next summer.


What I loved about the aquarium is how much it showed me both the individuality and the homogeneity of fish. Seahorses recalled India’s delicate nature (my dog), while eels terrified me in a deep, Jungian way. I wanted to swim with the John Dory and hide from the Japanese spider crabs; I wanted to be a walrus but kill all of the sad penguins.


In the end, the aquarium was an experience that I would usually avoid, but when I travel alone I do try to do one touristy thing that would be outside of my natural interests. I enjoyed my time there. The owl and eagle presentation was superb on the main levels, too. I loved the beauty of the owl – it was the same type as my chest tattoo.


Water is my element, and as I left the aquarium for the Mediterranean sea I found myself in tears as my feet felt that warm water surround them. It was glorious in a way that brought me back to my childhood. It was Cavendish beach before the Feds decided to let it go to hell; to avoid dragging the winter’s damages to save their property values instead of creating solid beaches.


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