The Holy Grail: Valencia’s Already Got One; It’s Very Nice

I question the validity of Christianity; yet, I would argue that I am a stronger believer and a more knowledgeable scholar than your most evangelical lunatic. I am Thomas. I am St. Anthony in the desert. I would have been excommunicated numerous times for my heathen marriage (I rode a horse), my thesis on vampires and blood gods, my understanding of “the good shepherd” from the Greeks (thank you Porter and Willie Elliott), and a thousand other paradigm shifts for my extensive education. Yet, I climbed Mount Sinai in my most dire moment, I have been to the Vatican, and I have seen many of the major Christian sites of worship; most of my ardent family believers have only been as far as Ste. Anne De Beaupre.
Still…let’s be honest…the best Christian is the one who understands all of this and still believes. Anyone can be a sheep. I am not a sheep. Perhaps a lion, an eagle or an ox, but not a sheep. If you do not grasp that simple allusion, then I win. But what does any of this have to do with my travels to Valencia?


My walk today led me to what has to be one of the most holy places I have come across in my travels: the Cahtedral of Valencia. I have been to Rome, and it was Wal-Mart. Valencia is holy. Yes, they claim to hold the Holy Grail…but the claim feels authentic given the glorious emotions of the chapel. Simple, Medieval, and ancient; I instantly felt in awe enough to drop to my knees and pray towards the recognition of a power greater than me. It was a meaningful in a way that seldom occurs to the modern person. Frankincense brought me back to my days as an altar boy at St. Dunstan’s in Charlottetown. I felt at home.


So what does this mean? Nothing and yet everything. While I may not blindly follow orthodoxy ( neither did Jesus ), I follow my heart along the path to redemption. It shall take me where it rambles. Until then, this is my body, this is my blood…


In the end, there are greater powers out in this vast world; whatever we believe is true the power of the imagination can bring forth great angels or darkest of demons. In my travels I am always seeking the great, and this morning in Valencia I found that.


One response to “The Holy Grail: Valencia’s Already Got One; It’s Very Nice

  1. I hope you have peace

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