Dispatches From My Phone: Back to Barcelona Again


Yesterday found me quite emotional by bedtime: a combination of the cathedral, the sun and only speaking to myself for the past 5 days. Emotions are never bad things in themselves, and I probably just needed to expunge the bits and pieces that have been rumbling beneath the Teutonic plates of my heart. Done. Good.
Today finds me back in Barcelona, and at the Market Hotel near Urgell. It is a sleepy Sunday. I feel like staying in, but I know that I should go out to find some food before everything that is not already closed closes. Market Hotel is a little weird. The elevator is behind a closet door, and the shower must have a 20ft ceiling. Tablet Hotels always gives me these weirdo hotel options, but I love their boutique hotels.


My food choices may not be all that interesting this afternoon – I feel like McDonalds or Burger King after all of these varied meals. Should be quiet and peaceful today…I hope. The images on the blog today are all of graffiti found in an alleyway of the Bari Gothic area in Barcelona. Ever since my travels with Scott Manning through Berlin and Rome, I have found such artwork to be increasingly appealing. The final image reminds me of Mingus before he goes for his ride home in the car.



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