Dispatches From My Phone: Barcelona Dehydrated


I am dehydrated. I have never been very good at drinking enough water, but I was doing quite well until yesterday. I guess that the walking in the sun for 8 hours took more of a toll on me than I thought, but that is no surprise. The last time I was in Spain I felt the same way after a few days: tight muscles, abdominal bloating, and a little bit of foggy head. While I might just as easily stayed in the hotel tonight to drink rehydration salts, I opted for the American solution to dehydration and upset stomach: Burger King.


The way I see it, if salts and minerals is what I have been sweating out, then what better way to replace them by mainlining them through good, old heavily processed food? Ughh, I would have much preferred eating on a nice patio or restaurant tonight, but I needed to just grab food quickly as I had only had an apple by 7pm. My brain was starting to panic a little once I realized that I probably should have eaten about four or five hours earlier. For 13 euros I ordered a double whopper combo and a strange snack pack of fried things; I obviously could not eat all of this when it came, but my brain wanted it just in case the portions were small (different countries serve a variety of portion sizes, especially as part of combos). Too much food, but probably a necessary evil. I should mention that I did look into the Hard Rock Cafe, too, but it would have cost about 30 euros for equally bad food.


I stayed out walking around La Rambla, La Ribera and El Raval. No real destination. I just wanted to walk off the Burger King fiasco and enjoy the evening. It was really only about half way through the walk that I could feel just how dehydrated I was, as my hands were hard to close and my who body started feeling really tight. Oh well, just needed to find a corner store. I pick up two liters of water and a Bounty chocolate bar, just in case I needed sugar, too.


The process of becoming accustomed to different foods can prove difficult. We are organic creatures and a clear change in diet can affect our bodies in many ways. I know that last year in Morocco I felt absolutely awful from the heat and the questionable hygiene of the food. In Japan the rice just stayed with me for an entire week until I felt like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Here in Spain it is a combination of the heat, the salty meats and very few fresh vegetables. While I am eating a lot of fruits, these are probably fermenting with the wine in my tummy to create Sangria!
What I really need is to be able to eat fresh vegetables, but without any kitchen or knife (only took carry-on) I am stuck with the little tomatoes and onions found around my tapas. What I wouldn’t give for my juicer right now. I am dying to use that when I get back to Toronto to repair this broken body.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Spain, but it will be a full one. With my cooking class at Cooking and Taste starting around 5pm, I have the day to myself. What to do? I should head up to Sagrada Familia to see the inside. If I can get there for the 9 am opening after pastry at Escriba for breakfast, then that would give me the rest of the day to either head to the beach, the park or Montjuic. There will be no Burger King, but plenty of water.


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