Dispatches From My Phone: Escriba, Sagrada Familia and Spaces In-Between


I slept in for the first time in months. Unfortunately, I had intended to be out the door by 9am and ended up out at 1pm. So what to make of a diminished thing? I decided to push hard after my sleep in, so with python boots on foot I hit the road to Escriba, Barcelona’s most celebrated bakery. While there is a smaller cafe on the Rambla, I noticed a larger one on the way home last night; perfect for a breakfast of sweets and cafe Americano.


Escriba is a classic French-style patisserie with a Spanish flare for color and intense flavours. I ended up breakfasting alone by 1pm, but made the last strawberry tartleta. With four macaroons (apple, framboise, chocolate and pistachio cream) I had a strong boost to get me through the rest of the day. The cafe Americano was strong and the pastry was brilliantly executed. For 13 euros, I ate perfect food.


I chose to try my luck at Sagrada Familia at peak time. With a hop on the metro, I was there 15 minutes later, another 15 minutes in line and I was in. While I knew that would have to be at the cooking class by 5pm, I figured that I would be able to make my way inside with an audio tour and still learn so much more than I already know. As the quote above reminds us from the words of Jesus to Judas: if it is to be done, then do it quickly.


Sagrada Familia from the inside is a life changing experience. Last time that V. and I were here I decided to opt out of the visit to the due to the cost – 40 euros for two. This time I budgeted for the visit, and while it was unlike the ancient holiness of the cathedral in Valencia, it was beautiful and it was light and symbolism incarnate.


While I only spent an hour in the cathedral, I could have easily spent an entire day deciphering the symbols on the bronze door alone. The church opened opened up, helped me understand the insane brilliance of Gaudi, Dali and Ferran Adria in a new light. It was a wise choice to make the visit even with the limited time; next time back I will spend the day!



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