Dispatches From My Phone: The Rigors of Travel

No matter the destination, travel takes and gives things from you. Travel can take you to new worlds, but it can also take you away from the ones you love. By moving as little as an hour from your regular surroundings, you can suddenly make sense of your life or realize that it was not what you thought it was. Perhaps, though, it is not the foreign facades, the Babel of language surrounding you, or even level of difficulty a journey that performs the give and take actions; it is the openness one gives to the world that offers up the menu of what will be given and taken.
For the past month and a half I have been in various states of travel, with various people and alone, and what strikes me as am one hour from completing my 7000km flight across the ocean is that travel is a necessary addiction. The act of displacement from my comforts permits me to shift my values and reflect on who I might really be. No, I never “find myself” while traveling, if anything I discover what I am not.



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