Lavender, Open Lakes and Vintage Cars: Hasselblad Film Photography

Sinsky Vineyards

The rain is pouring down across Lake Ontario this afternoon, so I am taking the time to sort, scan and process photographs taken during the past six months with my Hasselblad film cameras. Film is a wonderous medium to work with when you have the means to process the images through modern technology. Fortunately, my Mac Pro has returned from the Apple Store better than new and I have been able to spend a few hours contemplating the archive. As I have written many times before: memory can be stored and salvaged with a camera and preserved film/digital archives.

Thunder Bay Landscapes

This series of scans takes me from Napa Valley to Thunder Bay to Charlottetown and Valencia. After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi last night on iTunes, I cannot help be feel wishy-washy; that I am not truly seeking out my path and following it to its extreme fulfillment. Jiro, a master sushi chef, works relentlessly on his craft at the age of 85. He moves the viewer with his intense stare and passion for what he does, his life’s work. He scorns all others who follow money or comforts, when there is a life’s work to be improved upon, a mastery of new skills that can be constantly built upon. Unlike Ferran Adria, Jiro’s insanity is compelling – he would not ask an apprentice to do anything which he has not done millions of times himself. If you have not seen this film, then I whole-heartedly recommend it no matter what your passions are. It is worth a Blu-Ray purchase, I believe.

Classic American Cars

At the end of the day in Valencia, I came across a wedding about to end. In front of the church stood this brilliantly restored Buick Forty-Eight, and I was able to snap off a single photograph with the Hasselblad and CFE 80mm lens before the entire crown came out to surround the car. For me, it is a perfect moment, and I feel very lucky to have had the skill to set up my camera quickly enough to grab it.

Thunder Bay Landscapes

V. will be leaving for Thunder Bay in two weeks for the next twelve months. Two of the photographs shown here are from a day out walking through Sleeping Giant National Park and a nearby waterfall. There is little in Thunder Bay, but the photographs that I was able to capture during the week and a half there were truly beautiful and iconic.

Engagement Photography

Lastly, I scanned the single film photograph I took of my brother’s engagement. The Hasselblad image is a favourite of mine. While the other digital captures are perfect, I prefer the tones and analog characteristics of this single shot. Film is not dead, nor am I.


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