Chickpea and Chorizo: A Little Tapas I Picked Up in Havana

Three hero shots left before I hit the white background images and then find freedom from the studio. Whew, it is tight in here with two dogs, two boxes of kitchen tools and camera equipment everywhere. I am currently between shots, but have the next two lined up: duck egg pasta being cut with a pastry scraper and a spoon rest featuring cucumber and apple gazpacho.

The actual chickpea dish is one of my favourite finds while traveling, and it is reassuring that the best food need not be fancy or expensive. I found this dish at a small restaurant in Havana that had very little else available on the menu. Frankly, I was glad to be able to find any food because tourists seldom enter Havana in August, so food rations felt pretty much depleted. This simple dish was served with old crusty bread, and that was it. To make it you only need a can of chickpeas, a half can of tomato paste, a chorizo sausage and a bit of garlic or onion for flavour. The key is to crisp the chorizo after it has been cut pieces similar to the chickpeas, remove from the pan, do the same to the chickpeas, then add the paste, a bit of olive oil, the garlic and let it dry out on the stove while stirring. It is perfect for a hot night or a dark, cold winter dinner alone.


One response to “Chickpea and Chorizo: A Little Tapas I Picked Up in Havana

  1. Garbanzos fritos, yum. Funnily enough I found myself craving these on one of my trips back to Canada to visit my family a couple of years ago. If you ever make it back here, I recommend checking out this page for a pretty extensive list of some state & private restaurants to visit. While a couple of my favorites are missing (El Beduino and El Ajiaco), it’s a pretty complete and up-to-date list of places to dine in the capital with reviews and all. Love your picture above.

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