Rebuilding a Photography Website: Four Hours and Forgetting

My website has been offline for a few weeks now. The best intentions were to have me rebuild it after Spain, but those mice and men are hard to get on task. Perhaps the hardest part of building a site these days is for me to remember how I did it in the first place. When you only do something once a year, especially when it is technical like building and uploading a website, it can be maddening and frustrating. What is the difference between index.html and Index.html? What files need to be where? What settings do I need for the sliced Photoshop image on the main page?

After four hours I successfully rebuilt the site, but then had failed to put the proper folders in the proper places, and switching them around was too complicated, so I did a second rebuild in fifteen minutes from start to finish. My goal this time around was to return to my previous aesthetic of white and simplicity. While last year’s carnival theme was fun, it was really not me.


One problem continues to be Apple mobile devices no longer support Flash, but that Flash continues to be the way I like to show my images [within the AirTight Viewer option in Lightroom]. Yes, I could have built a stationary HTML site so that people could see my work on their iPhone or iPad, but I decided to keep what I like and forget the obvious exclusivity of the issue.

At the end of the day, I do not know how many people ever go to see my work on the website. Most of my online audience views my recent snapshots on this blog, and that is okay with me. A website remains key when a stranger asks for a website address, though I doubt too many clients run to my site for hours of close examination of my work. Still, I like having one to showcase my best work and the work I like to show others.

One thing the process showed me was that I did not shoot any of my best work this summer travel period, which was kind of a bummer. I would have to blame that on my sticking to 1st world cities in the past year. Let’s face it: the best photography remains the exotic realms full of colour and dangerous beauty. One does not find dangerous beauty in Washington or Portland. In the end what this revelation shows me is that I will need to gear up for a hardcore adventure to produce stronger photographs in the next 365 days. For this afternoon, though, I will continue to laze around in my pjs and drink black coffee with the dogs.

In the meantime…check out the new site at:




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