The Taste of Bitter: Dandelion Greens, Blue Cheese and Bavette

Dandelion Greens


With the end of summer upon me, it is time to slow down the machine to prep for the long Fall ahead. While it may mean long hours, hard work and a blitzkrieg on all fronts, it also means running, yoga, sleep and cleaner food. Right now I am desperately craving bitter greens, so I chopped through a few stalks for lunch to mix with the leftover fennel/garlic mash. Yes, I know this is a boning knife, but as it just arrived from an online store I had to try it on the first thing I could. It is a Wusthof Ikon with a white handle – I absolutely love him. His name is Bobby.

The challenge with bitter is making sure that your flavours meld nicely with anything else that is being served. You need earthy tones, richer oils, nuts and no citrus. I attempted to have a glass of Raspberry Wheat beer from England with this meal – not a good idea. It had to quickly replaced with a brilliant pear, concord grape, ginger and cucumber smoothie. Greens like these have been absent from the markets lately, but now will come back with vengeance and I am looking forward to the whole kale, chard, dandelion family being a big part of my fall diet. One can only eat through America and Spain for so long before the body cries” “Eat something fresh, you Moron!”

NOTE: I found out the hard way that cup of dandelion greens act like a dump truck through your lower intestines. Be advised.

Fennel, Pine Nuts, Dandelion


The flavours were satisfying and exactly what I need more of. I will leave the remainder on the stove until I return from the Beef Hip and Loin Butchery class tonight at The Healthy Butcher. I am excited to go back for a second kick at the can, especially now that I have some idea what to expect. They also sent along a wicked hand-out explaining the cow and its cuts. No time to read it today, but there will be time all Fall.


Bavette…oh, how I wish I had not cut you wrong. Sadly, upon inspecting the leftover pieces of steak from Saturday night, it is clear that I slice the bavette cut in the wrong direction. I do not know how I did it, but I did. Regardless, the beef was flavourful and clean. Well-worth the $23 I paid for it; it fed three people with leftovers for dogs and me. To revive the refrigerated meat I added leftover potatoes, Genoa salami, Stilton and Blue Rajah cheeses to the mix, which added the salt content the beef craved. It went under the broiler for 4 minutes without the steak and 2 minutes with.

Steak Prep


Tomorrow is school, Friday is Springsteen, and V. comes down somewhere along the way. She heads to Thunder Bay on Wednesday in her new car for 12 months…sounds like a blues song if I ever heard one. Fortunately, I have been practicing my electric guitar riffs madly over the past week on the advice of an old friend: “Voodoo Chile”, Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil”, Z.Z. Top’s “La Grange” -my vibrato has taken on a whole new life of its own….need I say more?


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