Chasing the Hipster: Nothing Else To Do On a Long Weekend

I needed out of my condo. As much as I love the monsters, Mingus’ panting while chasing his sister around (they are dogs) was too much on my last day before the next tour of duty starts. With thousands at the airshow watching Canadian military fighter jets swoop by in a way only comforting to those who own them, I ran north to Queen Far West in an attempt to find a pocket full of cool before school. The first stop was Dark Horse. I love the vibe here…but the latte was lukewarm and I had to text a colleague with instructions on how to connect her laptop to our database. Still…a good start.

The next step was to walk along the fully closed store fronts of Queen West. The object was to get out of the house and walk, so I was not too stressed. Rotate This, my favorite vinyl store had a brilliant deal on Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with Herbert Von Karajan. $15 for about 8 musty records is a definite must-buy. I am a sucker for random box sets on vinyl and the Ninth was a key part to my honors degree: Alex is A Clockwork Orange was obsessed with it and I presented many time on how the music affected the sinister nature of his ultra-violence. Alex was no hipster.

I found myself at the Gladstone. I like it here. I also found myself researching the hipster. A fascinating subject that directly relates to my own research on identity construction. According to my quick digital reviews the “hipster” is an individual who attempts to construct identity through the appropriation of cool. Unlike Miles Davis, who was there for The Birth of Cool, the hipster is unknowingly plagued with a belated arrival at the cool and a misprision of what he is distilling into a meaningless trope of fashion. This is a revelation for me. This particular definition allows me to explain clearly why my own work, or say the products of Base Camp X, are decidedly not hipster: we are authentic and there is no misunderstanding or shallow approach to what we do.

The journey continues for the afternoon…soon will be time to make my return voyage.


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