Maintaining a Monster: Repairs, Mods and Lost Screws

Nothing makes you feel more stupid than when forgetfulness costs you money and pride. In my case, I paid dearly for an oversight made post-tattoo last week: I forget to take off my disc lock for the front brake. To justify the absentmindedness, I can only say that I seldom use it out on the street, that I was a little stunned after my tattoo session, and that I am not the best at remembering when I use the stupid thing. The chase was that I bent my front left disc rotor [the big metal disc]. I had hoped to ride it out until next Spring, but after one week of wobbles and throbbing, I had to bite the bullet. The cost of the OEM replacement disc was $380, then $150 labour, and then another $50 to replace my wheel bearings which were shot either because of they were compensating for the wobble or they had already been toast. All I can say is that I would rather be paying to repair dumb mistakes while parked, than stupid errors while driving 120kms/hr. I may look like a poseur at the shop, but that is better than looking like a moron at the hospital.


Obviously, I need to add a tether cord to my bill, then a second tank protector [my zipper is chipping the carbon clear-coat], and I went for a Rizoma Spy mirror for my bar end. The tether will ensure that I do not forget the lock ever, ever again, and the protector should keep the tank clean. Why buy a bar end mirror when I already have two beautiful Rizoma Elisse mirrors? No, I have no intentions of removing the main mirrors to achieve a “more naked” look to my Monster. Instead, I decided to give myself another vantage point in traffic. I drive  99% of my time in Downtown Toronto. Traffic is often insane, and last week made me decide that my driving would need to be a little more defensive than usual, at least until the cellphonetalkingcoffeedrinkinglunatics cleaned up their acts and stopped rolling stop signs and lights.


Ducati Monster 696The install was fairly painless. However, I do not know how I was supposed to install the mirror without the internal rubber screw that came with my other bar end? I sat for ten minutes reading the diagram that showed all of the parts, and I had all of the parts. There was no internal rubber mount provided, nor was it listed. It was fine in the end, but I would have been desperately confused if I were simply replacing a stock plastic cap or if my previous blue bar ends were not Rizoma. I like the look, overall, and I might try the positioning tonight once the traffic dies down. I hate spending money on repairs that I could have avoided, but the Monster does drive so much better than the week before, and that is the cost of owning a sports bike from Italy.

Next Spring I would like to add a Termignoni Carbon Slip-On exhaust and a few more carbon pieces like a seat cowl and front computer back. While sitting in the Ducati showroom at GP Bikes, I sat on every single one of their new bikes. Sadly, I hated the super bikes, but the Street Fighter is growing on me. If I had to choose a motorcycle from this year’s crop, then it would have to be the AMG Limited Edition Diavel or the Carbon Diavel. While I prefer the look of my Monster, the plush seating position and powerful musculature of the Diavel is so damn appealing. At $27,000 without taxes, the Diavel seems a little over the top when my Monster can be upgraded for many years to come without any real loss in performance.


One response to “Maintaining a Monster: Repairs, Mods and Lost Screws

  1. This happened to me recently with my GSXR-1000, and the damage, all in, cost me around $560! Even worse was the down time- We dont get many nice days to ride in New York. From one rider to another, I did some digging and found “roadlok.” A bit on the pricey side, but i have never looked back and been trying to spread the word ever since. No more cords, no more carrying a lock around, IMHO it is a MUCH better option than a disc lock. Hope this helps and ride safe!

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