Tres Leches: The Sunday Night Baking Session

Since I am pretty much alone these days and nights since V. Left for Thunder Bay, I have found it difficult to remain positive and connected. While I enjoy solitary activities greatly, I need to make sure to make human contact at least once a day to recalibrate. Today was spent walking the dog monsters, repairing my motorcycle, producing three hero shots for Paderno, and going to the Post Office (which closed 2 minutes before my arrival). The Fall crisp is in the air, and I am looking forward to a cold winter; the unrelenting heat of this summer was just a little much for me.
Tonight, I decided to bake a cake that I first had in Monteverde, Costa Rica at a weird lodge run by descendants of the Von Trapp family. Dinner was beef goulash and dessert was tres Leches cake: no options in the jungle, I guess. The goulash was okay, but the three milk cake was superb. Strangely enough it was served almost everywhere else in Costa Rica, I think I had some in Peru, and I encounter it every now and then elsewhere. Basically a white cake that absorbs a heavy milk mixture of condensed, evaporated and normal milks, tres Leches is pure comfort food. I need omfort these days. I have not had a chance to each any yet, but am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.

Other than that…I picked up seven volumes from the semiotext(e) series of French philosophy writing and ordered two sets of classical music CDs from the Sony Original Jacket Series. Six years ago I asked for the Complete Glenn Gould Box set of about 40 discs for Christmas, and they were a guilty pleasure at around $400. To buy the limited edition today would run me about $4,000, so no complaints here. I have been listening to a quirky interview this weekend wherein Gould explains his re-recording of the Goldberg Variations. The man was a true genius.


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