Dispatches from the iPhone: Dinner for One

I miss cooking. No, I REALLY miss cooking for a person other than myself. Since V. left a month ago, I have struggled to keep up with a basic standard of eating, but when I cook for me the purpose falls apart and I tend to revert to an “eat at the counter while standing up” mentality.

As I am heading out to camp for four nights with my students, I decided that at all costs I needed to prepare at least one real meal this week. While it would have been lovely to have a friend over to share my food with, people have their own lives and families to spend time with. I suppose that is the irony of city life: millions of people but few connections.
For tonight’s dinner, I am opting to prep a roasted beet salad with white wine vinegar and truffle oil, a Québécois style pea and bacon soup, and a root vegetable hash done with parsnip, carrot, shallot, garlic scapes, organic garlic and potato. Dessert will be a French waffle with rum soaked cherries and cherry vanilla ice cream.
For regular readers of the blog, I should note that my blog entries are a little more sporadic because of the novel I have been diligently writing (on page 42). There will be more dispatches from my iPhone this week though as I head camping and then to Thunder Bay to visit V. For Thanksgiving. Life seems a little strange these days, but that is what makes it worth living to its very edges.



post scriptum: I did shoot over 980 photos for my school yesterday morning, but sadly those are all restricted to our community. For those within that community, though, I think that the work was solid and fun.


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