Dispatches from my iPhone: Two Crazy Dogs and Call Me In The Morning

People are funny. I mean I have heard more questions about whether I am okay than I ever thought possible; perhaps the tone of my blog or Facebook comments have struck nerves with others? Hard to say, but as noted elsewhere “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I am in no danger of anything beyond absolute boredom in my free time. Trust me…if there was anything wrong no one would know.

I have been considering what I truly want to accomplish over the next five years, but an actual goal eludes me. I am at the top of my game in my teaching career, my photography has been as successful as it can without me devoting my full days to it, and there is no more time available to travel more than I do. Maybe the challenge now is to simply endure the next five years without needing a quantum leap forward? Maybe I need to accept that the next step forward demands that I stand still for a while until an opportunity presents itself? Such an idea, however, seems to conflict with my very nature.

Regardless, the concept of this blog was to share the life I experience through my travels, my photography and my learned philosophy while I can, because only greater powers know how long we have, so we must always seek the best we can do while we can do.


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