Through Glass: The Hasselblad CFi 180mm Lens

A photographer’s vision is formed by the glass that he looks through. While I have written about the importance of good lenses before, it never fails to surprise me when I see people ignore advice about spending more on the lens than you do the camera body. The truly fine lenses create a unique perspective just as a brush or paint colour can for an artist. Personally, I favour the Hasselblad V Series lenses for my work. In the past three years I have acquired the 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm, 150mm, 250mm and, today, the 180mm.
Why so many lenses? Not because I am a gear fetishist. I buy lenses because often a job calls for a specific lens, and big problems with mood or perspective can be fixed simply switching a 120mm for a 150mm lens. One well done job will pay for the lens I needed, and then I own the tool. Picking up the 180mm for half of its normal used price was a bit of a coup, and I am looking forward to trying the new glass next week.


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