Little Moments: With a Cherry On Top

Anthony N. Chandler Photography


The little moments in our lives are often the first thing we sacrifice. We work, we eat, we sleep and then offer our blood up to the shopping gods day in and day out. I am not so naive as to believe life was better when humans were filthy, starving on the streets and struggling to stave off exposure to the elements. The quality of life is higher, but I do question whether most of us are in danger of losing our connection with one thing that supports us when we falter within the big, industrial machine: each other.

This morning was the first moment in weeks when I was not camping with school children, working a photography job, traveling to Thunder Bay or running to meet up with old friends who needed to touch base. Instead of rushing out to pick up the replacement MacBook Pro battery, Nespresso espresso capsules, and the latest odds and ends I need, I just took my time. I washed the dishes that have been piling up. I played my Fender Stratocaster. I took two hot showers, and then  decided to make a decadent French waffle with Dark Cherry Vanilla ice cream, roasted walnuts and Sailor Jerry Rum-infused dry cherries. No a bad way to spend a few lonely hours on a quiet Saturday morning.




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