Dispatches From the iPhone: Killing Time

20121125-010258.jpg Life can become a series of disconnected events when one loses the ability to create a compelling personal narrative. Story-telling is an art form that demands a lot from its practitioners, but I do try my best to build a life worthy of telling to the fictional person I love and the children that I hope to have one day. Until that fiction becomes reality, the best that I can do is to write songs, take photographs to remind me of my experiences and to live as deeply as I can.

20121125-010809.jpg Over the past few days I have made a few new photographic connections with local musicians, written a song for FaceBook, met with friends and thought a lot about what I am going to need to do if I want to be happy…and that last part appears like it is not going to be easy. Dig in, dig deep and follow through.

20121125-011200.jpg One thing that I am enjoying is my recent ability to visit local music establishments such as The Rex and Cameron House. The enjoyment of music is one thing that has been missing from my life for well over a decade. In the end, I am doing the very best that I can on so many levels; the challenge is making it through weekends when time is longest because that is when I end up being most alone. Oh well…it is what it is this life we lead.


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