Banjo Beyond Bluegrass: The Music of Darren Eedens

ImageMusic can change our lives. A song heard in a car can lead you onto different roads. A beat felt outside of a club can alter the stride of your walk. Romance can begin when the words connect with personal emotions. For the past week the music that has moved me forward has come from the Toronto Indie scene and the man who might be its first authentic evangelist: Darren Eedens.

I am not a big fan of either hipster scenes or of shallow musical sets. When I walked into The Cameron House with my friend last Wednesday, however, we were transported to a strange new landscape; it was a landscape of the narrative, and that narrative was spoken like the Gospel from a broken down preacher. As Eedens swept the room with the sheer force of his rhythm, we fell into a trance of rapture as he pushed through “Murder”, and “Lord Knows”. It takes a lot to pull me into unfamiliar songs, but Eedens has a manner about him that hearkens back to the Depression-era. He has a soul and fervour that drips from his music.Image

Last night had me back at The Cameron House. The audience was not as great, but Eedens was on fire as he spread his word from tabletop unplugged to the middle of the room to the stage. I was so moved by this young artist that I offered to shoot what I could capture without lights and on the fly. Perhaps what was so beautiful was that the second time around the songs hit me like a freight train, as I now knew the tones, the fluid notes and the wails of a believer that came forth from the faithful’s mouth.

If you have not had an opportunity to check out Darren Eedens, then his next big gig will be at Lee’s Palace on December 12th. Be careful who you go with though…you never know where music will take you into the night. You can find further information about Darren and listen to his music at the website



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  1. Couldn’t have said it better!

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