Finding Home: Varjupaik Becomes Base Camp Chandler

20121206-121200.jpg Finding home is one of the greatest challenges that faces living species once individuals make a break from the original tribe to strike out on their own. We travel, work, lust after things, and perhaps even dwell in places we pretend to be home. Home is only possible after a long, hard fought journey; your friends may believe they have found home in satisfactory, small ways, but they are probably wearing dream glasses and compensating for their lack of connection by numbing their hearts with material goods, substance abuse and bad habits. I have been away for almost two decades, but now have finally come full circle to buy sixteen acres of wooded farmland in Belmont, Prince Edward Island.
My land will become my asylum and my shelter when I need to land safely after harder journeys. With inspiration from my recent work and conversations with Graeme at Base Camp X I plan on building my own base camp, a place to begin building my own legacy for a tribe I am slowly, but surely locating. There will be much more to come…



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