Dispatches From the iPhone: Balance and Clarity

At the age of 39, I appear to have finally found the balance between rest and motion. In 48 hours I practiced hot yoga, went shopping to use up Christmas gift cards, heard a band at a local club, cooked a wide variety of superb meals, walked 5km, slept deeply, laughed, cried, danced and I may have even sang a few songs that I learned 20 years ago on my Fender Stratocaster.

Cooking remains a challenge since it is for one person. Still, I am attempting to clean up my food consumption by relying more heavily on winter greens like kale and chard, while replacing factory-farmed meat with fish that is somewhat sustainable. Mussels and vegetables made up the bulk of my efforts, though I did squeeze in a small piece of the freshest big eye tuna I have seen outside of Tokyo. Barely seared, the slices were clean and blood-strengthening.

My yoga practice continues on a once a week basis; I rely on the calm and serenity I find at Moksha Downtown. The heat and darkness supports the reset I need to get before I get ready for a busy work schedule. Yoga has taught me how to breathe; breathing allows me to endure stress, hard work and pain. I cannot imagine a life as crazy as mine without the safety valves of running and yoga. Work and play need to balance on a fine point if happiness is to be achieved. Perhaps for the first time I have found my path towards sustaining that happiness; if I have, then I may well be the happiest man in the world.



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