After the Landslide: Cleansing and The Great Purge


One of the hardest acts as a modern human is to let go of possessions. We work and work to accumulate things and stuff only to be held down by the sheer amount of it. In my case, I have already gone through one great purge and loss after my divorce four odd years ago, and perhaps now is the best time to begin another cleansing by abandoning the things that I do not truly love so as to make space to enjoy the things that I do. The challenge, of course, is to decide what must stay and what must go. I have chosen not to ask myself “Might I ever need this?” and am following the guideline of “Will I use this within the next month?”

MusicMan Stingray For

The two big items on the block: clothing and my 2007 MusicMan Sterling bass guitar. The first items just do not fit me any more. I have lost twenty pounds, six inches from my waistline, and have chosen to live a lifestyle that is  active, holistic and reflects who I am. I can abandon the fears that I will need those size 38 jeans for when I regain the weight; I will not do that to my body again.

The second item is my fretted bass. It was a gift at a time when I was, frankly, a bit of an emotional mess. I just cannot separate this item from that time. I never choose to play the bass because I have two other basses from better times in my life that I chose for myself. This bass never reflected me, and I should have returned it at the time. Instead, I am looking to purge it from my space. This probably cost almost $2000 new, so I am looking for $1000 or a trade towards either a Gibson Les Paul, PRS Custom or Fender Tele. Let us see what the vintage stores will do for me.

7B6J1464-EditMy life is pretty darn fun these days. I play music, work as a professional photographer, teach English at the best private school in the country, travel when I want to, and live in a beautiful space. I have a few beautiful friends who genuinely care about me. I am in the best health of my life. I can only be thankful for where I have landed after many rough years in the trenches. The act of cleansing my space from the unnecessary is simple enough, and I hope that it will impact on my ability to live in the present versus holding on to the boxes that no longer matter. Right now only one thing matters, and I am confident that there is enough good karma with the universe to push on through the landslide.

Lentils and Toulose Sausages

Can the child within my heart rise above? 
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides? 
Can I handle the seasons of my life?

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