Pie Perfection: Muni Pie Super Deluxe

Creating new recipes through combination synthesis is how I prefer to bake. I am not very good at learning complicated recipes in the kitchen, but I have learned to combine the few standards I have perfected over the years so that I have a decent palette to draw from. Shortbread crust, standard crusts, custard, banana and fruit flambé, and caramelized nuts are all flavours I can work with to build desserts on those few times when I cook sweet things for sweet people. The weekend found me between photography sessions, with a bad head cold, and with a 5 hour opera to watch on Friday night; sounds like a perfect time for pie, and it was.

Pumpkin pie can be a soggy, processed mess or it can be what you always imagined that your grandmother made on a frosty October evening. I make pumpkin pie once a year, at least that was until I came up with what has to be the most perfect pie combination imaginable: pumpkin purée with kahlua, sauté banana, banana creamed into Grand Marnier 35% whipping cream and then a topping of burnt caramel pecans and black pepper. Imagine a pumpkin pie that verges on chocolate flavours, heady spices, alcohol and a rich crust. I have decided that this is my main dessert to take places when called upon for potluck: I call it Muni Pie.

Despite feeling a tad weak from a wicked sinus infection, this has been the best Febtober of my life. One Paderno photograph will reach a print of 3 million copies, a Base Camp X shot hit 20,000 notes, and I just printed my first metal prints through Bay Photo with great success – these have to be my best photographs to date so not printing them would be a mis-step for the business. Having prints to show portrait clients and exhibition galleries is a seriously key investment at this stage. The next business moves should be happening during the March Break as I refine my brand and reflect on what I want to accomplish artistically. Pretty good year…


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