Dye Eggs, Dye: Easter On and Off the Cross.

All your cryin don’t do no good
Come on up to the house
Come down off the cross
We can use the wood
Come on up to the house  ~Tom Waits

Easter Eggs

If one is to withstand the burdens, curveballs and mountains that Life places upon us, then revision and recycling becomes the best path towards making certain that we have what is needed for the next step of the journey. The object that once meant the world to us may become too heavy, may not match the altered landscapes of our reality, or the memories that attach themselves to the molecules trap ghosts that keep us awake at night. We can abandon our past. We can burn our possessions in a scorched earth policy, or we can find ways to purify those selfsame molecules; we can create new traditions and more powerful associations with enough willpower. This is what I believe…

Easter has never been a particularly resonant holiday in my past. We found chocolate bunnies or sugar eggs, went to Sunday mass and then visited my father’s family where we ate a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The chicken was not so key, but it was that strange food which pulled us together to actually sit at a communal table to enjoy the company of people from whom we came. Today, most of those women are now ghosts. So be it…such is the way of things. I will spend my day sifting through the objects that I have collected over the past 20 years to decide what will come forward with me into the next stage of my life’s journey, if only because I will never be able to afford a place that will afford me the space to keep all of my things while still giving me the room to grow and evolve.

7B6J9381-EditI am not a religious man. I was raised in the Catholic church [as an altar boy, I dreamed of becoming Father Chandler]. I was married in a Hindu temple. I was divorced in a court of law. I found my gods and demons in other temples: the bottle, the forest floor, the road and in a woman’s eyes. We all find our altars on which to pray or be preyed upon. Still, our spirituality defines a mass part of our identity, and how we relate to the energies within will, by necessity draw an repel the contrasting and similar energies surrounding us. At this stage in my life, I feel like the only way forward is to remain open to the whispers in which the Universe speaks to us.

7B6J9382-EditThe egg is a potent symbol. The egg is about possibility. It is about the child that could be or could have been. It is about the sustenance that we can take from that which has not been brought into this world. Easter can be followed back to the myths relating to how Light overcomes the Darkness through rebirth and resurrection. The stories of Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and the equinox all reflect how the Spring overcomes the Winter. Life will spring once again from the earth, and we can began again as survivors of the dark. cold days of Winter. We celebrate the passing through; not all of us can make it, but let us rejoice in those whose journey continues through another cycle. Let this be a year in which you strive and find the places of your dreams. If not now…when?


2 responses to “Dye Eggs, Dye: Easter On and Off the Cross.

  1. Today these words broke me…and I wept.

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