Studio Photography and Cookware Products

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.31.17 AM

Work is never dull when you love what you do. I may not always be enthusiastic to begin a photography session when turnaround times are short and my day job is hectic, but I never forget how fortunate I am to be a working photographer with regular clients who offer me a wide variety of challenges. The latest selection of products had me working three nights to capture white backgrounds for a catalogue, a collection of four hero shots for product boxes, and a follow-up to last year’s highly successful NatureTrust Pan campaign. Despite a few moments of frustration with a jammed camera and fitting products into the frame, I feel like this series continues to show my best work to date; cookies, bundt cake, spiral veggies and a sausage based meatloaf all made it from my oven into the image frame.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.30.55 AMFor this session I solely used my Hasselblad 501 CM with a  CFV 16 digital back. As a studio camera, this combination gives me an amazingly smooth depth of field,  and dynamic range compared to my Canon dslr. The tough part is that it does take time to set up the shot in a square frame, especially larger items such as the cookie pan. A large part of my set-up involved choosing the right focal length for my lens; for these four products I moved between the Hasselblad CFi 80mm and the Cfi 120mm lenses. I may have also used a CB 60mm lens, but I forget exactly which shot it was used on. Overall, it was a few days well spent, especially when it comes to paying the costs for our upcoming adventure from Nashville to Memphis to New Orleans. During that time I expect to shoot with the Hasselblad, but am not sure if the back will use film or digital. The CFV is pretty terrible without full light, but on the SWC body it may deliver a unique collection landscape and places.


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