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Chandler takes photos because he wants to. He loves the work he does, and it seems like he is doing a lot of work these days. Photography is an art form becoming lost in the megapixels of big box stores and failed hard drives.He is committed to helping his clients rediscover the beauty of a perfected print, and the moments in between our daily poses. Born on Prince Edward Island in 1973, he knows the value of moving slowly. Completing a Master’s in English Literature at McGill University and having lived in Toronto for the past fourteen years, he also knows the importance of being able to move quickly, confidently, and with purpose.

His latest work has included over 3000 photographs for Paderno Cookware, a series of product work for Base Camp X, winning Prince Edward Island Tourism’s “Islandness” category for 2010, an album cover and press package for Jamey Levek, the cover of Joyces’ Disciples, a travel photo published in EnRoute Magazine, three advertising campaigns published in Homestyle Magazine, three prints being featured in RMG Exposed, and being included in The Power of Smile exhibition for the CONTACT Photography Festival.

Chandler might be available for studio portraiture or event photography projects, but prefers to choose work on a person-to-person basis. Contact can be made at chandler@anthonynchandlerphotography.com


7 responses to “| The Photographer |

  1. Hi Mr. Chandler,

    I don’t know if you remember me. I was a student of yours about ten or eleven years ago. I found your blog by chance and just wanted to let know I thought it was pretty cool.


  2. Awesome!

  3. something a little odd i guess my maiden name is toni chandler. love ur work

  4. I followed a Lensbaby trail here… pleasure to meet you. (I shoot with the LB too.)

  5. Thanks! (Sorry about the delayed reaction- just now seeing this.) I appreciate that and can say the same for you. :0)

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